What is Beauty?

We live on a planet of stunning beauty.  Few would doubt that or the effect beauty has on us.

When it comes to women and beauty, our society has rather rigid standards.  The women below share their stories with you.


MODEL GEENA ROCERO: Her Story about Identity, Gender and the Courage to be Your True Self.

Geena Rocero’s TED Talk: “Why I Must Come Out”


ACTRESS LUPITA NYONG’O:   Lupita reads a stirring letter on beauty at the Essence Event on Black Women in Hollywood.

Lupita Nyong’o Speech on Beauty


MODEL CAMERON RUSSELL:  Discusses “Beauty Isn’t Everything” in her TED Talk.

Cameron Russell TED Talk 2012


Below are NPR talks that continue the conversation on beauty and how we experience it in many forms.

Cameron Russell: Does Being Beautiful Make You Happy?

Richard Seymour: How Does Beauty Feel?

Denis Dutton and Nancy Etcoff: Are We Hard-Wired for Beauty?

Denis Dutton: Are Some Things Universally Beautiful?

Bill Strickland: Can Beauty Change A Life?

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