Summer Wardrobing

Summer Summons Our Soul

HammockAfter the great push of Spring that brings us glorious flowers, rain showers and a warm welcome from the Winter, Summer summons our soul. A time to slow down and reflect. Our bodies know. It’s Summer. For many, Summer is a signal that it’s time to play, a vacation with friends at the beach or simply a time to slow down in the heat of the season. Summer can be a reminder of long ago when that last 3 pm school bell rang in June, not to be heard again until September. And that joyous rush home with the anticipation of an entire Summer to create memories that would be fodder for our sure assignment in Fall — How I Spent My Summer Vacation!

I don’t know about you, but it’s been many a year since I experienced the rush of 3 months off with nothing but free time, lemonade and weekend trips to the beach. Although I do not long for my school days, I often ponder having my Summer off with plenty of time for the adult version of play — weekend road trips with friends, a wine festival, a jazz concert in an open field with finger sandwiches, wine coolers and lots of laughter. In our high tech lives, the iPhones never stop ringing or buzzing with a text message and the emails are endless. It takes a determination to carve that Summer time out for ourselves. Will you take a stand with me for having some down time this Summer? I say, let the Summer sun kiss our skin and the Summer fun begin. And, of course, that means preparing a wardrobe that supports various activities, having a great time and looking terrific!

Packing for Summer Travel

I’m headed to Northern California for a weekend wedding in July, followed by hiking in the surrounding mountains, then back to San Francisco for shopping and dinner with friends. My last stop is Los Gatos for a visit with one of my color teachers and mentors. Packing for this trip is tricky. I will be wearing very different types of clothing in a short span of time, along with varying temperatures and terrain. A client introduced me to wonderful bags that take the angst out of packing. They are ideal for lingerie, tank tops and sleep wear, leaving lots of room for the bigger, bulkier items. Eagle Creek Packing Sets.

Storing Out of Season Clothing

1.  Store clothes in the main part of the home; avoid storing clothing in attics and basements. Clean garments before storing.

2.  Hang clothing on good quality hangers, not thin wire ones.

3.  Never store clothes in plastic dry cleaner bags; the chemicals in the plastic will damage garments. Use fabric garment bags.

4.  Don’t hang knits or beaded garments that will stretch out. Store them in acid-free cardboard boxes or sturdy plastic bins. Lay sweaters flat or use acid-free tissue between folds to avoid creases.

5.  Don’t use mothballs; the smell is almost impossible to remove and the chemicals are harmful to skin and eyes. Use bags of cedar and herbs. Don’t put cedar blocks directly on clothes (the oil might stain fabric); instead wrap them in acid-free tissue.

6.  Store pricey cashmere in the freezer. Put the item in a zip-top plastic bag with some cotton batting to absorb moisture. The cold will kill insects and keep fabric fresh.

Denise Lampron is a Color & Style Coach working one-on-one with amazing women of all ages to determine their true colors and sensational style. Get in touch to schedule a personalized consultation to discuss how Denise may help you achieve your best personal image. Dressing in Color. Expressing in Style.

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