Welcome to Autumn’s Fire!

Autumn Fire CollageThe rich, warm colors of Fall are irresistible: flaming oranges, bold yellows, spicy cinnamons and forest greens. Mother Earth is vividly alive with intense color. Having shifted her wardrobe from the softer hues of Summer, she is filled with fire, and urging us toward bolder expression.

Living in Los Angeles, I must be content with the “spirit of Fall.” Although still warm in Southern California, I’m preparing for Autumn. Pulling out sweaters, organizing scarves and looking for patterned leggings to pair with my “foundation pieces” (basic skirts and dresses).

Shopping Tip:

Ideal time of year to find the darker colors on your palette in the stores. Deep rich browns, greens (from olive to blue-greens), and of course black. Also a great time to find the more opulent, textured fabrics that are the hallmark of the Autumn woman’s design style.

Wardrobe Tip:

If your palette doesn’t support the fiery colors of Autumn, you can still celebrate Autumn by wearing your shade of red in clothing and cosmetics.

I believe we have a bit of all the seasons within, so stoke your fire light and enjoy Autumn.

Determined to experience the seasonal shift, I am bound for Massachusetts and Maine where my friends and I will have front row seats as the leaves change into their brilliant golds and greens. Stay tuned for Facebook photos. Be sure to “like” my page so you’ll receive my colorful updates!

Summer is GoneWalk in Beauty,









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