Cultivating Your Style

High Contrast Collage for Blog-1Are you capturing your optimum style each and every time you get dressed? Whether for a board meeting, social event or casual outing? Looking at your closet, is there an easy-to-recognize theme and color scheme?

I recently had the opportunity to work with a wonderful client who needed a wardrobe overhaul. Our strategy was to cycle out the “7” rated pieces (on a scale of 1-10) and identify all the “10s”. This way she can always grab her best looking pieces/combinations. A little painful at times, but the end result was very satisfying!

What takes your wardrobe from ordinary to extraordinary and highlights your personal style? YOU! You take it there by honoring your coloring, body shape, and your personality.

Let’s not rely on the media for mentors. Nor look to fashion to be our friends. They don’t know you. Only you (perhaps, with the assistance of your image consultant) can uncover, explore and find the right aspects in your clothing that perfectly translates into your style.


6 Tips to Finding and Maintaining Your Style

— Know your colors.Animal Print Collage

— Know your body shape.

— Determine your best theme. (Dramatic, Elegant, Sporty, Romantic, Creative, Alluring, Traditional)

— Find words or expressions that relate to you, and your personality. Keep these words close by when you shop, holding each item up to scrutiny against your words or expressions. For example, if your words are light, buoyant, fun and you come across a dress that’s perfect for your body shape in a conservative, darker color, what should you do? PUT IT BACK ON THE RACK AND MOVE ON.

— Be authentic. Don’t be afraid to let the real you surface. It will provide inspiration and creativity toward cultivating your style.

— Courage in Your Closet. Keep only what works and let the rest go. You will be on your way to stunning style and a fabulous wardrobe.

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If you’re hitting the stores on Black Friday, be armed with your personal toolkit tips and bring home the bargains that are real beauties for YOU.

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

Walk in Beauty,




Denise Lampron is a Color & Style Coach working one-on-one with amazing women of all ages to determine their true colors and sensational style. Get in touch to schedule a personalized consultation to discuss how Denise may help you achieve your best personal image. Dressing in Color. Expressing in Style.

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