Intuition and the Power of Red

Ever since I hit a forklift while learning to ride a motorbike – when my intuition clearly and loudly warned me “You will crash” – I have been paying much more attention to that small voice that comes with a wallop when ignored (I have the lump on my leg to prove it)!

It’s about one month into my “listening experiment” and I’m running late for an appointment, yet it was imperative that I choose the right shade of red lipstick for my new mesh t-shirt.

MAC Russian Red lipstickI’m on my way.  Then, “Stop at Whole Foods for a breakfast beverage.”  The voice was speaking.  “But I’m running behind schedule.”   Denise wasn’t listening.  Once again, the voice suggests, “Stop for a breakfast beverage.”  I stopped.

The moment I walked in the door, I saw a young man eyeing me.  “Good morning …” he announced.”  I smiled at him and was about to return the greeting when I heard his last word – “… gorgeous.”  Gulp.   This red lipstick works!  “Hey, there!  Good morning and thank you.”
Next, I jostled with a clerk for aisle space.  And he said, “Wow, next time, let’s dance.” 

By now, I was feeling really good.  Isn’t that the whole point?  To feel good?  Suddenly, I realized the wild and wonderful possibilities that lie at the intersection of intuition and red.  Well, intuition and any street, really.  It took hitting the wall (quite literally) to drive home the message how vital listening to my intuition can be.  And it took years for me to embrace the bright red crimson shade in my color palette.  On one rainy Los Angeles morning, red packed it’s powerful punch into my awareness.  It can happen anywhere, anytime.  And wearing red helps.


What’s Red Got to Do With It?

Red for all seasonsWe all know the power of red and the demanding presence it creates.  Red will not be ignored!  It’s the most physical color and activates our body and senses.   Studies show that men find women more desirable when she wears red; and we’re told it’s not a good idea to wear red to an interview (too overpowering).  With many hues, red can be romantic, soft, subtle (light pink), theatrical and playful (bright pink), exciting, provocative sexy (bright red) and rich, elegant, luxurious and robust (deep red).

Many months ago I uploaded an image to Pinterest, illustrating the dynamic, hot, passionate, and energizing quality of red.  This image has been the highest-ranking pin on my Pinterest account with 100s of re-pins and over 4,000 views.  People are attracted to Red!


A Red for All Seasons

Red weaves itself throughout the year in various celebratory forms: pinks for Easter (a tinted version of red), the soft dusky rose colors of the hot summer holidays (a greyed red), the spicy oranges of Thanksgiving (a toned or browned version of red), and the call to pure red with Winter’s arrival and the holiday season.


Romantic RedsYour Red Hue

So, how best to express your Red?  In color analysis, red is often referred to as “romantic red” and is worn when one wants to be emotionally persuasive or just romantic!  Everyone can claim a shade of red.  The clue lies in your skin tone.  Take a look at the palms of your hands and squeeze your fingertip.  Voila!  You are looking at your hemoglobin skin tone or romantic red.


How will hue wear your Red?

Pinch your finger or call for a professional color analysis.


Walk in Beauty,


  Jack Lenor Larsen quote on Red

Denise Lampron is a Color & Style Coach working one-on-one with amazing women of all ages to determine their true colors and sensational style. Get in touch to schedule a personalized consultation to discuss how Denise may help you achieve your best personal image. Dressing in Color. Expressing in Style.

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  1. Amy Ming says:

    Love what you are doing. I was looking forward to seeing you at our 10th Anniversary Party. Hope to see you soon!

    1. Hi Amy,
      Thank you! Sorry I missed you, was working with a client. I will stop by and say hello soon.

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