The “Living Your Beauty as a Greying Goddess” Program

During the last several years as I have worked, studied and socialized with many of you, I began to think about the concerns and challenges women face around aging – from greying hair to body changes to a shift in how we, as mature women, want to express ourselves in the world. This includes, of course, how we dress; yet our concerns are much deeper than that. Our culture has had a profound effect on the way we perceive older women and how society, in turn, perceives us.

My intention for creating this program is to help women give voice to their fears around aging, to establish a bonded and thoughtful relationship with their aging body and to cultivate a new, different and creative approach to aging – as an opportunity to be explored, rather than a problem to be solved. This is the essential inner shift that supports you in claiming and expressing your authentic beauty as the glorious woman you are, no matter what the rest of our world says about how older women are “supposed to” look. This is the crucial foundation upon which you can throw off the cloak of invisibility modern culture puts on older women, unabashedly stand strong in your feminine power, and share the wisdom you’ve earned from life.

My big vision is to help and support as many maturing women as I can through this new program. Think about all the women you know that are aging but are confused and frustrated because they’re no longer part of the matrix of society in the way they were as younger women. Have you been shopping lately? Seen anything that is striking and made specifically for the mature woman in color, cut and style? Have you seen women in the media that you can relate to, that you feel aligned with – a woman that would understand how you feel? Most marketing is tailored to the younger woman. An interesting juxtaposition because the older woman has more purchasing power than most younger women, yet we are no longer being considered at the table where products are being developed.

“At 63 years young, I am choosing to be seen on my terms and to spend money in ways
that support my well-being. I am taking my place in society as a woman of beauty,
wisdom and power. I wish this for every aging woman. I want it for you!” – Denise Lampron


Living Your Beauty as a Greying Goddess: Becoming Ever More Fully Your Glorious Self as You Age is a 30-day program that includes 4 one-on-one sessions from the comfort of your home via phone or Skype.

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Greying Goddess

Denise Lampron is a Color & Style Coach working one-on-one with amazing women of all ages to determine their true colors and sensational style. Get in touch to schedule a personalized consultation to discuss how Denise may help you achieve your best personal image. Dressing in Color. Expressing in Style.

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