Mirror, Mirror on the Wall – Is that a Grey Hair I See or Silver Strands of Wisdom?

Grey GirlOften it is the changing color of our hair that signals to us our aging process. When, actually, we are always aging from the moment we are born. Yet, it is on the first sign of grey, white, silver or platinum hair emerging from our temples, when we seriously begin to think of aging. Aging! And those strands of silver, grey, or white arrive with powerful, cultural messages: “Grey hair is a sign of old age.”

We then begin the personal conversation, “What does this mean?” “How will I be perceived at work, among friends, my lover, husband, partner?” “Am I still attractive?” “Will I be cast aside for my younger counterpart, both professionally and personally?”

Not one woman I have spoken with about this topic has avoided using the word “fear.” As if changing hair color is a clear warning sign that danger lies ahead. We are turning a corner we don’t yet know how to navigate in our bigger world, or our inner world. We know in our bones and in our hearts that something is changing and we are powerless to stop it. Yes, we can dye our hair, get Botox injections or tummy tucks, but it does not change the underlying process our precious bodies are undergoing; and on some level we know this. If not done with awareness, each attempt to thwart the aging process can potentially rob us of an opportunity to gain the wisdom, power and beauty of this time in a woman’s life.

Aging, like living, is a verb. It is action-oriented and implies movement.
Aging does not happen overnight. It is a process.

How “The Greying Goddess” got its name

The “greying” is to honor the time involved in the aging process. When stepping (either willingly, hesitantly or with resistance) into a timely process – like aging — it can allow for curiosity and personal growth. And this is where your Greying Goddess experience can begin. Where you can experience the physical, emotional, psychological, intellectual and energetic shifts of aging. Where you can be present and participate in all the processes, progressions, setbacks (yes, that can happen too) and developments offered by your greying goddess. Where you can meet this powerful new force of woman that desires to take up residence in your life. Where you can open to liberation and different choices for the next chapter in your life. It takes patience and understanding. And sometimes it involves a scary ride, a dark moment, and a new way of being, all leading to a transformation. You can bypass the impossible standards of our culture. You can create a new identity. You can feed your deepest desires.

Why Goddess? I had a Native American great grandmother. She spoke of “elders” with reverence. I remember her using the term “white hairs” with respect. I desire to bring great honor and dignity among aging women in our culture. And what better way to suggest the divine feminine than to use the word Goddess. I believe every aging woman (and it’s hard to place an age to “aging,” you will know when you have arrived) has earned this distinction. My intention is that every woman finds the courage to embrace her Greying Goddess.

Greying Goddess is a space, a forum and place where mature women can visit who are ready to liberate themselves from the clutches of an age-averse culture and the confines of how modern culture says older woman should look and live.

I encourage you to say YES to your Greying Goddess and wholeheartedly embrace her!

What If …

  • What if grey, white, silver, or platinum hair was a sign of wisdom, achievement, value, freedom and respect?
  • What if beauty took on a previously unimaginable radiance?
  • What if personal identity was defined by creativity and authenticity?
  • What if spirituality arrived with faith, profound truths and mystery?
  • What if you are becoming ever more fully your glorious self as you age?
  • What if your Soul is a constant loving presence serving you on this journey?
  • What if you are a role model for young women demonstrating how to age with confidence and grace?
  • What if you are leaving a legacy that shifts cultural stereotypes and changes the world?


Introducing the “Living Your Beauty as a Greying Goddess” Program

The intention of this program is to help YOU, the aging woman, gather your gifts, embrace your evolving wisdom, discover the most exquisite expression of your aging imperfect beauty (wabi sabi style), harness your power, and savor this truly extraordinary time of life. Claim and live your fully glorious self as you age! Learn more about this program and why I created it.


Denise Lampron is a Color & Style Coach working one-on-one with amazing women of all ages to determine their true colors and sensational style. Get in touch to schedule a personalized consultation to discuss how Denise may help you achieve your best personal image. Dressing in Color. Expressing in Style.

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  1. Sallena says:

    Fantastic news….Fantastic letter!

    Thanks for including me on your list. xo…ⓢ…

    1. Thank you Sallena! It was a great email to write about my greying sisters.


  2. Colleen says:

    Wow! This is sooo powerful, needed, & timely! I deeply appreciate you leading the charge with your wisdom, beauty & grace. I would love to be a part of your forum & learn to celebrate the silver threads that lie beneath my dark strands. I cannot imagine not coloring my hair. Fear is the feeling, terrifying is the word. Thank you Denise. Beautifully expressed.

    1. Colleen,
      What an honor to have you participate with The Greying Goddess in some form. We would welcome your incredible power, insight and clarity. I’m holding a wide container for all women to find their voice around aging, wrestle fears of aging to the ground, take a stand for new possibility in their lives and emerge more glorious than ever. I bet your silver threads are magnificent! What would it take for you to be willing to let them express, to push up beneath your dark strands?


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