About Denise


A passion for fashion and style has run in my family for three generations beginning with my grandmother.  She had striking style and introduced me to sophisticated fabrics and showed me how to wear them.  My mother was a model in the art department at the local university and brought the impact of color into my life at a young age.

Although I wasn’t yet aware of my best colors, nor the right silhouette for my body shape, I continually experimented with fabrics, colors, styles and ways to express through my appearance.  Travel to India, Egypt, Mexico and South America generated a desire to learn more about textiles and sparked my interest in global style.  

After working in Corporate America for 30 years — all the while harboring my passion for color, clothing and cultivating my personal style — I sought out and trained with some of the best teachers in the field of personal color theory, color harmony, color psychology, development of style, line design, body shape, and how to build a winning wardrobe. I had the opportunity to work as a fit model for a local designer and learned the comfort of a good fit and the pleasure of a flattering fit.

Through these teachings and working with my clients, I’ve developed a color/style philosophy.  When it comes to wearing your best colors and enhancing your style, my color theory is balance warm and cool colors in your outfits for an interesting and creative look.  My style theory is let your inner wisdom participate and dress for YOUR body shape. Among my clients are teachers, real estate executives, artists, executive assistants, hair stylists, actresses, government analysts, stay-at-home moms and retirees. At 62, I continue to learn from my esteemed mentors and strive to live my version and vision of beauty daily.

My Professional Training and Certifications


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