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Signature Class

You are invited to attend a class that will change your understanding of color forever.  Using your personal color palette, we will explore your natural body coloring, level of contrast and how to achieve that contrast in your clothing; clarify the different values in your palette and how to wear them creatively; determine how to use your neutrals to extend your wardrobe; choose when to wear your romantic shades; how to integrate patterns in your existing wardrobe; and bring excitement, fun and elegance to your wardrobe using metallics.  You will leave this class with a better understanding of yourself and a more creative approach to using color in your wardrobe and home.

This is our signature class and a pre-requisite for other classes/workshops.  A personal color palette is required.

Body Shape

Dress to flatter your body shape or camouflage any figure flaws.  Understanding your body shape will help you pick the correct shape of clothing that will enhance your body silhouette.  This class discusses in detail your body silhouette.  You will leave this class knowing how to dress yourself with confidence.

Body Shape

Body Type

The lines in your body are either  predominately straight and angled or curved and rounded.  By knowing your  contour lines, you can determine your basic body type.  This class will teach you how to choose and use fabrics for your body type.

Body Type


Body Type and Body Shape are keys to YOUR style.


The Work of Art Group

The Work of Art Group (WOAG) is for the woman who is ready to step  forward as a visible leader and model of beauty, confidence and radiance.  This is where it all comes together:  The Language of Your Colors.  The exquisite draping of Your body in the right outfit.  The ideal accessories.  As a  member of this  small, exclusive group, you will receive personalized  attention.  You will have the opportunity to work with a pattern maker to create  your specific pattern design for endless outfits that fit you perfectly.  You will collaborate with Denise and a specific designer to establish your style, discuss best fabric choices and your line design.  Denise will act as private coach and mentor to the participants. Be prepared for personal breakthroughs and expansion!  We will go on shopping trips, visit  museums (for inspiration), participate in workshops with guest speakers and create art projects that give you a better understanding  of your color, line and design.  Individual questions will be answered,  clothing purchases reviewed and discussed for color and style choice,  consultation for special occasion dressing (holiday party, interview,  first date), determining the best jewelry choices for an outfit, packing for travel and much more.  A student project will be completed during the course.  Interview required.  Call for information.

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