“Beauty Beyond 50:  Personal Color Palette Revamped

(A customized “in-person” session designed for the woman whose hair color is changing)



Do you know the most beautiful colors that will beam YOUR radiance and complement the changes in your hair? Colors that will add excitement, elegance, fun, sensuality, dynamism and energy to your wardrobe?

I recently wrote about Grey being a catchall name and color for losing hair pigment as we age. Are you a bit curious what your dye is covering? What color is your grey? Have you taken a moment to evaluate your changing color?

Are you …

— Stunning Silver?
— Winter White?
— Glorious Grey?
— Pale Platinum?
— Or a blend of Grey and Silver?


If you are ready to “go natural” and look vibrant in your new hair color, then now is the time to have your personal color palette reviewed, adjusted or overhauled.

When you wear colors that dance with your version of grey hair, you will be stunning. You will glow and exude your Beauty Beyond 50 and you will contribute to changing the world’s view of the aging woman!

Radiance is up to you! Creating the best personal palette for your changing hair color is in my wheelhouse. Let’s get you glowing!


Yes! I’m ready to “go natural” and choose the right color palette
to be a vibrant Greying Goddess!

This customized color palette session will be held in-person at Denise’s Los Angeles studio.


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Please don’t hesitate to contact Denise if you have questions before booking.

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