Why do I need a Personal Color Palette?
A personal color palette is indispensable when shopping for colors that flatter and compliment you. You will feel more confident and look your best when wearing colors that are keyed to your personal coloring.

Is a Personal Color Palette expensive?
The cost of a personal color palette is far less expensive than cluttering your closet with clothes that don’t flatter you. Buying clothes in non-enhancing colors can be a costly mistake. Your closet should contain clothing in colors that reflect you, that blend and coordinate making it easy to dress. Ultimately you will have a wardrobe of clothing that you love and that reflects your unique coloring, personal image and lifestyle.

Will my Color Palette last forever?
Nothing lasts forever. People change, and evolve. So do your colors. Add colors to your palette or update it as your life changes, your hair color shifts or you want to explore using different colors. If your hair color is turning grey, silver or white, then you should incorporate that color into your color palette.  A personal color palette changes on the average of every 5-7 years.

When will my Wardrobe need updating?
You should love every item in your wardrobe.  When a color begins to look dull on you, or you feel drawn to a warmer color, or more dramatic color or patterns, then you know change is happening within you and needs to be reflected in how you dress. 

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