Color DNA radial dial

Color Design for individuals is an artistic, yet systematic process that determines your personal color palette.   You have a unique color pattern.   My job is to analyze your color pattern and using a trained approach, along with your participation, create a palette that harmonizes with your visual coloring,  personality, vitality, and essence.   Color influences how you look and how you feel.  Why not wear colors that make you look and feel marvelous?  A personal color palette can also be a guideline for colors chosen in home  interiors.  For  example, a woman might want to paint her bedroom in her skin tone – which is intimate, flattering and deeply personal.  A man could choose to paint his office using his eye color, which helps establish rapport with others.  Enliven your home decor, wardrobe, make-up and hair, flatter your face and natural body silhouette and make shopping easy — all with your color palette!

Interior Color radial dial

Do you have a message to convey?  Is there an emotion or feeling you want to evoke?  Color is the significator that communicates your visual message.   Interior  color can be keyed to an individual, a product, a room, an intention or a design.  When you walk into a room, the color is noticed immediately.  Restaurants often use a vibrant orange color which is known to stimulate the appetite.  Spas use cool greens, blues, teal and aquas to relax their clients.  And in the context of coffee or chocolate, brown becomes irresistible!  Ensure that your message is being conveyed clearly, using the right colors.

Style DNA radial dial

Do you feel confident?  Are you looking radiant?  Receiving compliments? Second to color, Style also communicates your message.    Determining and creating  your personal style is a highly individualized, creative process addressed in my Style DNA session.  Together, we review and assess your roles in life, personal preferences, your body assessment (it’s fun, really), create a style book for you and much more.  What is your style expressing?  Are you ready to make a fabulous first impression everywhere you go?

Wardrobe Stylist radial dial

A style needs a wardrobe for expression.  Your wardrobe should express your style.  If your closet is populated with color-flattering,  body-complimenting, strikingly-styled clothing that you love, your wardrobe can go from ordinary to extraordinary and you will look like a work of art.  You know the impact of looking terrific.  Dress to Express!  All of this is easily within your reach.

ColorStyleStudio is committed to proving inspired colors, and stunning style in your wardrobe.


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