Success Stories

StephanieThank you so much for helping me coordinate outfits and accessories for my recent trip abroad. I sought your expertise because I wanted to ensure that my attire was in line with the ship’s “Country Club Casual” ambiance.

I have a tendency to over pack and could not imagine how I was going to have enough comfortable, stylish clothes for a 15-day trip to Europe, which included a 10-day Mediterranean cruise, and fit them all in one suitcase that weighed less than 50 pounds. Thanks to you, Denise – I did just that.

You made deciding what to wear each day effortless! I was amazed by the number of different outfits you achieved with just a few pieces and how one accessory gave me a completely different look. I loved that I didn’t have to spend time thinking about what to wear. It literally took seconds, which was great because I usually had small windows of time within which to shower and get dressed each morning before tours and each night before dinner.

I wanted to dress comfortably and project a style that was casual and elegant. We achieved that together and I felt FABULOUS! Apparently, I looked fabulous too because one day, about halfway through the cruise, a passenger stopped me and said that she and the people traveling with her had been commenting on how nice I dressed for dinner every night. 🙂

The style tips you shared with me have given me the courage to try different looks and dress outside my style “comfort zone.” As a result, I now coordinate pieces I would not have put together prior to our style session. Words seem inadequate to express how grateful I am to YOU for your time, talent and my wonderful new sense of style.

Kudos to YOU and Color Style Studio!

— Stephanie


Where would we be without life’s “aha” moments? Having a master’s degree in art, I thought I knew a few things intuitively about color. That was until, aha!, I had a consultation with Denise. She opened up a whole new perspective for me. Her process of color palette analysis and identification has given me handy tools that have simplified what was once an onerous shopping experience. It’s now a focused foray of picking out clothes by color, pattern and texture that work for my own personal style. Her tailored suggestions have made it possible to buy only pieces that strengthen and complement my wardrobe, a great savings of time, angst and money! It helps my husband, too. If he’s buying me something, he knows to check my palette for items that will be, well, palatable. Denise has brought out the best in me! Like they say in baseball, “Good eye!”

— Alice, Artist, Los Angeles

MIssyIf some women were born to shop, I was born to wear pajamas. Shopping involved many hours of fruitless searching with piles of discarded “no’s” and little success. This led to a certain anxiety and frustration. I felt lost without a plan or guidance. Having a color consultation has been truly transformational. Denise empowered me with an easy path to follow: a personal color palette, along with an in-depth assessment of my style based on my features, body shape, personality, and clothes in my closet. Her amazing system simplified the whole process. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, I can organically choose colors and styles which look good on me and work well together. I have many closet “ah-ha” moments “oh this can go with that too” and embrace my new non-pajama style which makes creating outfits fun! Through my work with Denise I now have beauty, color, style, and confidence in my life and my closet.

— Missy, Yoga Therapist and Feng Shui Consultant

Wanting to look good is not vanity – it is wanting to reflect your unique inner and outer beauty. Denise understands this and helps you select the colors that best bring out your eyes, hair and skin tones. She shops in your closet or in stores – putting together just the right combinations of skirts, pants and tops to make you sparkle. I love the magic she creates.

— Shirley Nason Mitchell, Happy Retiree

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