Passion and Play with the Red Fire Monkey

Happy Chinese New Year (began on February 8th)

Year of the MonkeyFor many years, I’ve attended a lecture hosted by a fascinating and intelligent woman who thoroughly understands (and very accurately translates) the meanings and messages for the Chinese New Year using Chinese Astrology.  According to this ancient concept, there is an animal assigned to each year and 2016 belongs to the Red Fire Monkey.  This is one clever, active, unpredictable, social guy and he invites us to have fun and play this year.

As I listened to her lecture, I decided to take the monkey up on his offer!  I won’t be sitting on branches and tossing banana peels, but I will be swinging from social event to fun times with friends and a few planned vacations this year.  Will you accept this invitation to play, travel and make merriment?  If so, what will that look like for you? A trip abroad (it’s supposed to be a good year to do that), play dates in nature with friends (remember, Mr. Monkey is a very social fella), a new dance class (Salsa, maybe?) or a course at a local college? (Monkeys are so smart).

Through this offer to play and have fun, the Red Fire Monkey, encourages us to wear creative, colorful outfits this year.  I pulled out my palette and focused on the dramatic colors (they look as if they could pull off fun nicely) — Crimson Red, Royal Blue, Pansy Purple, and Peacock. No monkeying around for me, I’m going COLORFUL this year (not sure I can imagine having fun with too much black). What colors on your palette shout FUN to you?

Now, onto Play. Can I make this happen with Romantic/Dramatic element being a big part of my style?  Give me rolled, up-the-neck collars of color, flared skirts that dance in the wind, wide beautiful belts, soft sandals and ballet slippers, silk pants and ruffled tops.

How will the Monkey inspire you to dress for fun and play this year?  Are you inspired by natural and relaxed clothing based on comfort?  Perhaps light and youthful with patterns, prints and accessories?  Possibly bohemian, draping clothing with eclectic jewelry? And maybe your play time is really dramatic!  This is the year to pile on the jewelry!  Find that just-right red party dress, pretty pumps and anything else that induces frolicsome fun with the mischievous Monkey.  Nothing is too bold for our Monkey.  We can also look to Lady Monkey for hair inspiration! (She is very vain about her hair!)

Famous Lady Monkeys

CelineLizEleanorCeline Dion



Elizabeth Taylor



Eleanor Roosevelt



Quick Color Tip

MonkeyPer the lecture, the Monkey is red hot this year generating lots of heat and fiery energy, so temper your red frocks with a touch of gold, a hint of black or a bit of green.

Why not allow the monkey to entertain you this year with it’s antics, mercurial ways, constant movement and quick wit?

Let me know how your 2016 Red Fire Monkey year unfolds and what colors you’ve chosen to colorfully celebrate. I invite you to post below and share.

And if your goddess is greying and you’re confounded on what colors are more harmonious with your new hair color, contact me to talk about my Beauty Beyond 50: Personal Color Palette Revamped Session.

Here’s to mastering monkey business this year for much fun and lots of inspired play!

Walk in Beauty,



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