Letting Go

Letting GoHow many of us have purchased beautiful items of clothing only to let them sit in the closet because they don’t fit, aren’t the right color, not the right print or style, or you are simply done with this item — but can’t let it go? And when we have paid a lot of money for those items, it really stings not to use them. I know. I’ve been there.

I had a discussion recently with a friend about what we could do with all the lovely items we had in our closet we weren’t using from a specific designer. We realized that other women should have an opportunity to enjoy these beautiful pieces, as we once had.  The problem — we paid a lot of money for them and really didn’t want to give them away.  In addition, we were having a hard time letting them go. Yes, even though we didn’t wear these clothes, we didn’t want to release them.  Once we decided to have a Designer Resale event and charge slightly for the clothes, that matter was resolved.  However, we still didn’t want them to leave our closets!

We finally narrowed it down to a lack of trust. Yes, trust. We did not trust that we could replace what we had. We were concerned that nothing else would give us the WOW factor as these items had, and that no other clothing would look as stunning on us or make the same statement.

Addressing our belief and trust that the world is forever changing and providing us with opportunities, we were able to release and let go of our special pieces for others to enjoy.

There can be a kind of magic in letting go. When you release and let go, you create space for something more spectacular to come into your life, something you could not even imagine.  I have a few new pieces in my closet to prove this theory!

Good News:  The Designer Resale is now going to be an annual event!  Stay tuned for more information!

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