The Job Interview – Your Age vs. Your Attitude

Job_Interview_borderI recently had dinner with a lovely younger friend who is concerned about maintaining her good looks as she ages. Aren’t we all? We discussed hereditary issues, along with skin care, hair greying prematurely (that means anytime before 80!), health and well-being — all as factors that contribute to our aging well or not.

Tomes have been written about how to manage our aging bodies. What about our attitude, our outlook on life, our thoughts, our energy? How does that effect our aging process or our experiences in life? My friend works in retail and shared a story of a woman she recently spoke with who was 52 years young, looking for an outfit in preparation for a job interview, all the while expressing her doubts about ever finding a job because of her age. Any chance she was “front loading” her experience and could show up for this interview already “believing” that she is too old and won’t be considered? What are the possibilities that her future employer could feel this attitude on the interview? (more…)

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