50 is Fabulous — Not Frumpy!

50+ Dramatic Style

50.  The new 40.   But in our society 50 is a hallmark, a turning toward the downhill of age.   At the stroke of 50, does one’s sense of style evaporate?  Does fashion forward come to a halt and all heels over 1″ get donated to Goodwill?  Will our knees be banished to longer skirts and our arms to show nevermore?   Will Forever 21 really be forever? How about Finally 50.  With 50 comes confidence, clarity and radiance.  Maybe you love yourself more or maybe you care less what others think. Perhaps you have embraced your beauty, defined your authentic style and have a greater understanding of who you are as a woman. Or maybe you’re buckling to the pressure of the system. Keep reading….

Here’s the thing:  As women we are wired to notice all the areas that are wrong with us. I’m suggesting a course correction. Let’s give ourselves permission to unplug from that old paradigm of thinking and see ourselves as the vibrant, alive, radiant and beautiful women we are.

At 50. More than ever, now is the time to showcase all of you — your pride, accomplishments, and your body with clothing and accessories that make you feel and look terrific. Upon reaching 50 you become an honorary member of a club that took courage, patience, hard work, commitment and self love to achieve. It is an uphill event all the way!

A word about acceptance. Contrary to what our mothers were faced with, we no longer have to accept the “over 50 and frumpy death sentence.” We can take a stand for who we are and how we want to express ourselves, at the glorious age of 50 and beyond.  Society must accept us.

So, how high will your heels be?

I welcome your experiences and thoughts on joining this exclusive club of empowered women and invite you to comment below. Also, check out the ColorStyleStudio Pinterest board dedicated to women 50+ who are sporting grey hair, wearing contemporary and sexy clothing, all while embracing their beauty.

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