As Within, So Without

As Within So WithoutSeveral years ago on my evening walk along a busy and trendy Los Angeles street, I stumbled upon a woman’s boutique.  It sat back from the street, surrounded by a manicured lawn and pristine white flowers.  The beautiful wood floors and Shakespearean décor beckoned me.  I tiptoed in.  Once inside, I was instantly overcome with the beauty this room held. Can you imagine being overwhelmed with beauty?  Awed.  Dumbstruck.  Frozen.  Only my eyes moved — slowly around the room.  The Marie Antoinette-style chandelier, the floor to ceiling mirror with the gilded gold frame, the plush ottoman, and those gorgeous clothes elegantly hanging like works of art on gold painted racks.  Nope, not even breathing now.

The lovely saleswoman walked over and said “Hello, may I help you with something?”  “Ah, no, thank you, I’m just looking.”  Her friendly smile and warm demeanor calmed me, yet the level of beauty emanating from the room surrendered me motionless.  It’s almost embarrassing to admit, but I couldn’t even turn around to walk out the door – I simply backed out of the door – backed out!  As I continued my walk home, I could still see the glorious vision.  Skirts in a shiny “bling” fabric, wide leg cotton pants with pockets from hip to hem and bronze studs.  A bright red jacket with intricate beading along the arms and down the back.  Dresses with floral necklines in soft, romantic colors.  Luscious blouses with ruffled collars and wrists.  Pants in “wrap-yourself-up-in” jersey, with matching tops, shrugs, jackets and coats.  It was like looking into a room of divine deliciousness!

Why couldn’t I walk into this boutique?

I didn’t have the capacity to hold and contain such beauty within me.  Shortly after this experience I had my personal color palette and style profile created.  Now, armed with “my colors” and clothes chosen for me, I still didn’t have access to my inner beauty (value of self, confidence, knowing me).  It took another 3 years of personal growth work, classes, reading and a willingness to journey deep within before I began to understand the expression “As Within, So Without” and the relationship between what you carry inside being reflected back to you in the outside world.  The world mirrors what we are modeling and returns it to us – when we least expect it!

I have since become a color consultant and stylist.  I know that I cannot tell a woman what colors or clothes to wear.  I can only suggest, guide and support.  She must be willing to take her own journey and discover her inner beauty.  It is an organic process, not a linear one.  It isn’t always an easy process, but a rewarding one where you can emerge with strength, clarity and the ability to approach your beauty from a place of authenticity.

The saleswoman in the boutique is now a friend.  My closet is host to many beautiful garments from the boutique and I feel radiant when I wear them.

What stops you from expressing, feeling or tending to your inner beauty?  How does that affect your outer beauty?

I invite you to leave your comments below so we can continue the conversation.

Walk in Beauty,

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