Wearing White After Labor Day: Letting the Myth Die

Tips for Wearing Your Right White

Your Right WhiteThere are many ways to chronicle the passage of time, but nothing more dramatic and certain than the shifting movement of Mother Nature every three months when the light changes, temperatures rise and fall and landscapes blossom or lean down against the cold and rain! And it’s almost time for another seasonal shift, as we think about rolling up the beach towels, storing the picnic baskets and packing away the pastels to make room in our closets for the rich colors of Fall.

Summer certainly brings out our desire to wear white, as it psychologically represents a lightweight and airy feeling which is ideal for the summer months. I don’t know about you, but where I’m from (and my mother, her mother and her mother), white was not right after Labor Day. What? It’s a color — not like giving up chocolate for Lent or Thanksgiving without some form of celebratory meal.

This myth got started by society ladies who felt the need to define fashion rules: you can’t wear white after Labor Day if you were “in the know” or part of the upper class. White was for resort wear and weddings. The beginning of summer was after Memorial Day and end of summer was the first weekend in September. So, if you wanted to be fashionable and a member in good standing of the elite, you had better vacation and get married between the end of May and the beginning of September! Like Coco Chanel, I believe that we can wear white any time of the year.

There is one thing Mother Nature won’t be changing come Fall – the color White. Let white claim it’s right place in your wardrobe all year long.

Your Right White

All whites are not created equal when it comes to wearing the right white. The right white will look best and be most complimentary if it is keyed to your teeth and whites of your eyes. If you have bright, clear eye whites and white teeth then you will look marvelous in a snow white. If your teeth or eye whites are ivory or creamier, then do not wear a snow white color, at least not close to your face, as it will make your teeth and eye whites look dull. Wear an ivory or cream color and you will look harmonious and fantastic. Remember to take a quick look in the mirror before purchasing your right white!

Quick Tip 1:  White has a “friendlier” and “approachable” quality when it is paired with another color, especially warm colors or when it is not a pure bright white.

Quick Tip 2:  If you are whitening your teeth, be careful not to over whiten, thus losing a natural look.

I would look best in the ivory. Which one is best for you? We’d love to hear how you are wearing your whites all year. Let us know in the comments section below.

Walk in Beauty,


“White is gently romantic or starkly modern, depending on how you use it.” – Hilary Mandleberg

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