1. a female god or deity.
2. a woman of extraordinary beauty and charm.
3. a greatly admired or adored woman.

Nothing about her age, only her alluring qualities. So, beauty and charm are not reserved only for the younger woman, but ageless qualities to be nurtured by every woman.

Grey GoddessAs a member of the greying population in Western culture, it definitely feels as if the “goddess” designation is silently stripped away once you’ve arrived at 50’s door. Enter the black hole of aging in our modern culture, or at least in America. In our age-averse culture, aging comes as a great slap and harsh reminder that youth and flawless beauty are favored over age and flawed beauty.

In France, women are raised “not to care what other’s think” and confidence is instilled at a young age. I can imagine how this positively influences the French woman as she ages. And in Japan, there is a wonderful concept of “wabi sabi” that honors the imperfection of beauty: nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect.

The Grey Goddess space is somewhere after “Sex in the City” and before “Golden Girls.” It includes anything and everything that a woman in our modern culture needs to step onto the platform of maturity, grace, wisdom and personal power – a place where she personally acknowledges the shifting sands of time within her body and life. It is an awareness that the process of greying is happening, whether or not we dye our hair, get Botox injections, or have a face lift or tummy tuck.

These popular attempts at thwarting the greying process can end up being lost opportunities to embrace the experience and wisdom that accompanies aging, depending on how they’re approached.

Throwing the Goddess Away with the Signs of Aging

What saddens me most is the rich background, knowledge, experience, wisdom and personal power that is being left untapped, uncultivated, and unexpressed either explicitly and subtly – not just for aging women, but as a great loss for our culture at large. Every aging woman has the prospect of becoming a mentor to a younger woman and making profound contributions to her community, if allowed.

LYB as a GG - V1.4Looking again at Dictionary.com definition (3): a greatly admired or adored woman. I believe every woman can be admired or adored, particularly after living into her 50’s and beyond.

My intention through the Living Your Beauty as a Greying Goddess Program is to help YOU, the aging woman, gather your gifts, embrace your evolving wisdom, discover the most exquisite expression of your aging imperfect beauty (wabi sabi style), harness your power, and savor this truly extraordinary time of life. Claim and live your fully glorious self as you age!

“Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength.”  Betty Fridan


Denise has created 2 incredible offers for the
Newly-Emerging Greying Goddess in You.


Beauty Beyond 50: Personal Color Palette Revamped

A customized “in-person” session designed for the woman whose hair color is changing.

If you have decided to embrace the new greying you and go natural, having the right color palette is a necessity! The ‘go-to’ colors in your wardrobe that worked well for you for years may need to be revamped. With Denise’s help, select colors that will add excitement, elegance, fun, sensuality, and energy to your wardrobe! Let’s get you glowing!




Living Your Beauty as a Greying Goddess:
Becoming Ever More Fully Your Glorious Self As You Age

This 30-day offer includes 4 one-on-one sessions from the comfort of your home.

Are you ….

— Afraid of Aging?
— Unsure About Going Grey?
— Concerned About Body Changes?
— Facing Fear of Fading Beauty?

This offer is for the woman who is unwilling to be told how to look, feel, or live as she ages. The woman who is becoming ever more fully her Glorious Self.


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